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Key Features
Explore our range of market-leading features.

All inclusive pricing

Find the most competitive prices in the market with no added fees or trade slippage.
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Over 40 cryptocurrencies

Enjoy more options than many of our competitors offer, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Digibyte, NEO and Ripple.
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More ways to pay

Pay the way that suits you, including bank transfer, SWIFT, Sepa, credit card or mobile money. Settle in ZAR, EUR, GBN, NGN and more.
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Large order volumes

Experience true liquidity and conduct trades of $1 million and more with our advanced algorithm-based order execution.
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Virtual IBAN

Use our Virtual IBAN capabilities to smooth internal reconciliation processes.
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Upgrade to Private Concierge

Private Concierge clients can benefit from our private OTC trading with insured custody.
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Everything you need to safely
manage your crypto portfolio
Gain peace of mind in the knowledge that our services are backed by world-leading insurance.
We pride ourselves on operating with bank-grade security, combined with robust risk prevention protocols.
We take the protection of our buyers and sellers extremely seriously, so we ensure all users and fully verified, and all coins are escrow-protected.
Most Popular Cryptocurrencies
Our leading platform helps you to effectively manage your investments and keep track of cryptocurrency value.
South African Arbitrage
Coindirect provides you with the opportunity to experience the value that can be achieved through South African cryptocurrency arbitrage.
Cross Border Payments
Access the most efficient, secure way to send money across borders with the Coindirect platform, enabling same day settlements.

South African Arbitrage

Profit on crypto price differences within the same asset across a range of markets using South African arbitrage.
Key benefits include:
Practically zero trading risk
Extremely low fees of just 1%
Rapid 24 hour trading cycles
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