Coindirect Payment Solutions

The Plug and Pay platform for your business.

- Offer Buy and Sell cryptocurrency solutions
- Host a cryptocurrency wallet on your platform
- Pay your customers out in cryptocurrency.

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Wallet Payment Solutions

Allow customers to buy and sell cryptocurrency directly on your platform without the hassle of building your own payment infrastructure.

A simple, plug and play solution to add buy and sell buttons to your crypto wallet.

Pay your customers using cryptocurrency

Coindirect handles the entire process of paying out earnings in cryptocurrency through a simple payment flow on the merchant platform.

Merchants pay Coindirect using local currency while customers receive their payment in their desired cryptocurrency.

Allow customers to pay using cryptocurrency

Accept cryptocurrency payments from customers without needing to build crypto infrastructure.

Customers pay using the cryptocurrency of their choice, we automatically convert to cash and deposit the proceeds in to your account.

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Integration options

CPS aims to offer standarized, easy-to-use integration services.

- Integrate directly with our API.
- Embed the Coindirect Buy and Sell widgets.
- Utilise a hybrid of the Coindirect CPS API and the available widgets.

Payment options

Multiple payment options from multiple areas.

- Global credit card support
- Bank transfers in Europe via SEPA
- Mobile Money in key emerging markets
- Bank transfers in key emerging markets using ACH payments

Supported cryptocurrencies

We support a wide range of currencies and stablecoins.

Bitcoin (BTC)Ripple (XRP)USD (DAI)Ethereum (ETH)Stellar (XLM)    &  ERC20 tokens

Global Reach

We offer global credit card support along with more payment options in key markets including:

South AfricaUnited KingdomNigeriaKenyaGhanaWide European Coverage

AML and Anti-Fraud Processes

CPS offers various levels of integration for AML and Anti-fraud processes:

- Fully managed by Coindirect
- Blended model in conjunction with partners
- AML provided entirely by partner

Coindirect users a variety of machine learning and intelligent tools to augment our own custom fraud prevention model.

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