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Your simple,
instant and global
payment partner.

Cryptocurrency payments
as they should be.

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The simplest way to accept payments from anywhere in the world.

Coindirect supports all major ecommerce platforms as well as API integration.

Key Features
  • 1% fee only.
  • No chargebacks.
  • No fraud.
  • Global reach.
  • User checkout in minutes.
  • Simple integration.

Send payments to customers, partners and suppliers anywhere in the world.

Instant settlement, global support and the industry’s lowest fees.

Key Features
  • 1% fee only.
  • Global Payouts.
  • Instant settlement.
  • Private and secure transactions.
  • Simple integration.
Fiat On and Off

Allow customers to buy cryptocurrency using fiat on your platform.

Every major payment method, global market access and simple integration.

Key Features
  • No setup fee or monthly fee.
  • No chargebacks.
  • No fraud.
  • Full API integration.
  • Global reach.
  • Every major payment method.

Gain access to customers around the world.

Cryptocurrency payments are wallet to wallet. They don’t see borders.

Receive payments from fans in any country.

Pay suppliers instantly using email invoices and cryptocurrency settlement options.

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in the world.

Use cases

Connect your business to the growing cryptocurrency ecosystem and get instant, secure, irreversible global transaction support.


Add fiat on and off-ramps to your cryptocurrency exchange.


Accept fiat and have cryptocurrency transferred directly to your wallet.


Easily integrate with your existing cart or shop software.

Cross Border

Email invoices anywhere in the world. Get paid in cryptocurrency and receive EUR or ZAR.


Email invoices anywhere in the world. Get paid in cryptocurrency and receive EUR or ZAR.


Accept cryptocurrency payments in previously difficult to reach markets.

The best global cryptocurrency solutions for your business.

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