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Accept Bitcoin, recieve EUR or ZAR

Accept Bitcoin payments from customers and
receive EUR or ZAR in your bank account.
No cryptocurrency infrastructure needed.

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Accept global
cryptocurrency payments

Users pay with cryptocurrency which is automatically converted to EUR or ZAR and credited to your merchant account.

Easy Integration

Get up and running quickly with our simple redirect based integration and plug and play onboarding.

1% merchant fees

Only pay 1% merchant fee for all cryptocurrency transactions regardless of currency.

Are you ready to accept cryptocurrency payments?

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Risk and compliance

Coindirect uses a variety of machine learning and intelligent tools combined with our own custom fraud prevention models to reduce fraud and ensure all transactions are safe and secure.

Global reach

Gain access to new markets and accelerate cross border growth by supporting cryptocurrency purchases from anywhere in the world.

Supported payment methods
Bank transferEurope, Africa
Mobile moneyAfrica
Use cases

Add crytocurrency purchases and sales with support for credit card, bank transfer and mobile money to your project.


Increase customer choice with cryptocurrency pay ins and pay outs.


Accept cryptocurrency payments in previously difficult to reach markets.


Accept Bitcoin payments for game purchases and virtual goods.


Support bookings from anywhere in the world with no chargebacks.

Are you ready to accept cryptocurrency payments?

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