What is Bitcoin arbitrage?

Automated Bitcoin arbitrage takes advantage of price differences in local and international Bitcoin prices while growing your funds and protecting your initial capital.
Arbitrage service
How arbitrage works
How it works?
Coindirect Arbitrage is an international arbitrage service that takes advantage of differences in local and international Cryptocurrency prices. The arbitrage premium is used to compound funds, using the R1 million SA exchange control allowance for individuals. This is done in partnership with leading local forex service providers.

Historically individuals have earned in excess of R30,000* using their first R1 Million SDA allowance. This can increase significantly, around 10X, with further SARS approvals, using the R10 Million FIA allowance.
For more information on allowances see: SA Reserve Bank FAQs
Past performances are not necessarily indicative of future performances. The crypto arbitrage premium constantly fluctuates as a result of the underlying FX and Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency price changes.
Why use Coindirect?
To maximize your return, you can choose your net-profit range, where Coindirect doesn’t execute the trades until the target rate is met.
Extremely low and transparent fee structure. It's just a 1% fee combined with the best FX rates.
Our system is fully hedged. There is no foreign exchange price risk or cryptocurrency price risk. It's true riskless arbitrage!
We are a global exchange and can execute instantaneously. Buy and Sell at the exact same time!
All your Coindirect arbitrage trades remain in one single platform (our platform) with easy tracking of each leg of the trade.
Our super friendly staff will guide you through the entire process.

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